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01 Featured Case study

Better Together

Teamwork Matters – Innocence

The process of overturning a wrongful conviction can take up to 10 years. Each one is a monumental victory for the wrongly convicted and for Innocence Canada. At a time when Innocence Canada had a backlog of 86 cases and no certain future, KBS stood alongside Innocence Canada to create a logo that captured public and government attention, and united staff and clients towards the cause.


02 Featured Case study

The truth is in the details

Details Matter – Ace

How can a niche brand with low awareness and significant in-store competition break through to bread lovers and turn them into ACE loyalists? For our target consumer, it’s all in the details. From the squeeze test to the smell, from the crunch to the melt in your mouth chew, ACE baguettes let you savour every moment every day.


03 Featured Case study

Fortune favours the brave

Bravery Matters – BMO

How does an institutional bank become a beacon for Millennials who are just not that into investing? By demonstrating just how simple and beneficial investing can be for their aspirations, without applying pressure. It takes bravery for one of Canada’s Big Five to show Millennials how their money can work for them— literally putting our first Prime Minister, and face of the $10 bill—to work.


04 Featured Case study

Ideas can change the world

Ideas Matter – World Vision

We click, like and share, taking part in global social and political issues we feel deserve attention via social media. But clicktivism can also leave us feeling disconnected from the impact we’re having. Our idea was to recognize and thank World Vision followers for their social support; showing them the tangible impact their participation made, using the technology itself to show them.


05 Featured Case study

Great work works.

Results Matter – The Keg

For decades, Canadians have celebrated birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, and other big life moments at The Keg. But times are changing, our job was to reframe The Keg as a place for any occasion, too. Instead of pointing out the reasons why people are celebrating at The Keg, our creative pointed out the reasons they aren’t. As a result, more people are going and The Keg saw its largest increase in sales in a single year.



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