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Let your money do the hard work

Let your money do the hard work.


Introduce Millennials to a BMO’s version of simple online investing—in an environment filled with nimble startups.


We were talking to Millennials who haven’t started investing yet. Despite all the pressure to get started, it just felt too complex and too daunting. We had to present the platform simply in a way that was relevant to a “Life Hack” generation, catering to Millennials’ desire to work smarter, not necessarily harder.


Enter Sir John A. MacDonald: one of the fathers of confederacy and our first Prime Minister. Also, the guy on their $10 bills. What did he have to do with Millennials? Not much. But by personifying their money with a real person from their money, we created a clever analogy that they could make their money do the hard work of investing.


The online buy doubled benchmark ad recall, quintupled the benchmark on brand awareness, and was more than 2.5 times more effective at boosting consideration than videos from BMO’s competitors. Not to mention, BMO Smartfolio saw their best 8 weeks of growth, during the campaign period, clearing $1MM per week.



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