Case Study

World Vision


Tags with Impact: Making “clicktivism” count.


Clicking “Like” on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter has become an increasingly popular way to support social and political causes that we feel deserve attention. But clicktivism can also leave us feeling disconnected from the actual impact we’re having.


Instead of a hollow gesture, we believe every click is an act of awareness and understanding, and can be the first step in helping to find a solution. We needed to help people feel more connected to our cause, by demonstrating the real impact our followers can make with something as simple as a click.


Our plan was to create a connection to our followers through a series of Instagram posts where viewers were encouraged to ‘tap’ the image to reveal tags from many of World Vision’s most influential and engaged followers. By carefully aligning and placing the tags, we added the solution that was missing from the image.


Our posts performed 95% better than other recent posts, and engagement increased by 90%. There was also an increase in World Vision followers. In the end, we were able to connect with many followers personally, letting them know that their support matters to us, and is what fuels the work we’re doing.



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