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Innocence Canada


A dynamic logo celebrates freedom and encourages more.


Innocence Canada is a non-profit organization dedicated to exonerating individuals convicted of crimes they did not commit. In 2016 when Innocence Canada was looking at a backlog of 86 cases and a lack of funding, we were asked to create a new logo for them.


The process of overturning a wrongful conviction can take up to 10 years of work. Our strategy was to create a logo that could: 1. Capture public and government attention, and 2. Galvanize the resolve of staff and clients at a time when hope seemed to be running out.


Hashmarks are a familiar means of counting time spent in prison. Our idea was for the 21 exonerated individuals to make one last tally—one that would measure freedom—with their very own brush stroke. This would form a new dynamic logo that celebrated and represented each victory and served to spur on the next ones.


Three months after the logo was created, the Ontario government committed financial backing for the first time ever to Innocence Canada with three years of support and a total of $900,000. And with 16 cases currently going, we expect Innocence to be adding to their logo very soon.



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