Case Study

The Keg

Why Not Tonight

A place to feel celebrated.


For decades, Canadians have celebrated birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, and other big life moments at The Keg. But times are changing. Today’s time-strapped consumers are eating out more often during the week, and seldom need a reason to do so.


Our strategy was to move The Keg from a ‘place to celebrate’ to a ‘place that makes people feel celebrated’. A place where guests feel personally welcomed and taken care of so they can make the most of their time with friends and family.


Instead of pointing out the reasons why people are at The Keg celebrating, we pointed out the reasons they aren’t. Knowing we needed to woo millennials, we focused on celebrating people, not events, and asked the question ‘Why not tonight’? to help our target reconsider The Keg for any dining occasion.


We drove the most successful year in the last 20 for the brand: increasing visits and entrée counts (+11%) and bar sales (+18%). The Keg saw their largest rise in sales in a single year (+53MM).

Why Not Tonight?

No Reason



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